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LOT LOT 1 - Sustainable Management of Natural Resources and Resilience


  • University degree and 10 years' experience in a field directly related to sustainable consumption and production and related policies;


  • 8 years of proven experience in technical and financial assessments of EU funded programmes/projects;
  • Thorough understanding of European and/or Asian environment policies and developments, in particular in sustainable consumption and production, cleanerAnnex VII b production, energy efficiency and reduction of industrial pollution along the whole product life cycle, environmental impacts of production processes, sustainable infrastructure;
  • 4 years' experience in co-ordination/leadership position;
  • Excellent analytical and judgement skills demonstrated by outputs in at least 2 similar exercises.

Language skills:

  • All experts (junior and senior) must be fluent in speaking, reading and writing in English (preferably level C1, but minimum level B2).
An answer will be given only to the successful applicant. For further information, please contact the below-mentioned person.
Yaroslava Bondar:

Job Details
Project title Evaluation of the project proposals submitted under the SWITCH-Asia and Central Asia II, Promoting Sustainable Consumption and Production Programme
Country ASIA
Start date 1.03.2019
Duration 44 days
Deadline to apply 13.02.2019
Lot LOT 1 - Sustainable Management of Natural Resources and Resilience
Ref. ADE A591-034