Team Leader - Category I Expert
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Team Leader - Category I Expert


Minimum 20 years of experience


Minimum requirements of the team

Experience in human rights, human rights education, and human rights education management (the combination of the 3 requirements is essential);
Experience in strategic evaluations to feed into future planning is an asset;
Additional asset for all team members: knowledge of the non-profit sector;
Highly developed interpersonal skills to constructively interact with stakeholders at all levels;
Regional experience in the regions covered by the Global Campus is an asset.

Language skills of the team

Proficiency in English, French and Spanish;
Additional asset: knowledge of Russian, Arabic;

The expert must be fully fluent in English both orally and in writing.

The Master’s Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation in Latin America and the Caribbean
(LATMA) is managed in Spanish. Professors speak English but the curriculum is in Spanish and students
are Spanish speakers. The same applies for the Arab Master’s Programme in Democracy and Human
Rights (ARMA*) at University of Saint Joseph which is managed in French. Consequently, it is
necessary that at least one of the experts speaks Spanish and French.

Soft skills

Excellent computer, facilitation and communication skills are required

Please make sure to send us your CV to the following e-mail address:


Job Details
Project title
Start date 1.02.2018
Duration 40 days
Deadline to apply 20.06.2018
Lot Job openings
Ref. ADE