« There is no art in the world to which a grand philosophy is more necessary than to agriculture. »

Excerpt from "Recette véritable"
(Bernard Palissy, 1563)

Framework contracts

ADE is leading two lots (thematic sectors) of the European Commission's (EC) Framework Contract Services for the implementation of External Aid (SIEA 2018) and is partner in three other lots.
  • Consortium Leader of consortium in Lot 5 - Budget Support.
  • Consortium Leader of consortium in Lot 6 - Innovative Financing for Development.
Participating as Consortium Partner in:
  • Lot 1 - Sustainable management of natural resources and resilience;
  • Lot 2 - Infrastructure, sustainable growth and jobs;
  • Lot 3 - Human rights, democracy and peace.
ADE is also leading or participating in other framework contracts under thematic areas excellence:
To carry out the projects, we are always looking for experts in the above-mentioned sectors. Therefore, you are kindly invited to register your CV and to regularly check our open opportunities for assignments in these fields.


Your contact: Dominique Cabuy
Office: +32 (0) 10 454510
Fax: +32 (0) 10 454099
E-mail: dominique.cabuy@ade.eu

What is a Framwork Contract?

The Framework Contract (FWC) provides expertise for the implementation of External Aid. The FWC has no overall contract amount or maximum budget. The contract amount is fixed at the level of each individual assignment in the Specific Contract and the maximum value of a specific contract under this framework contract cannot exceed 999,999 EUR. The various Specific Contracts are governed by the EU External Aid Programmes under which they are financed. These EU External Aid Programmes include the European Development Fund (EDF), as well as the Programmes financed from the EU General Budget. The objective of the FWC is to provide, via individual assignments defined and contracted through Specific Contracts, expertise which can be mobilized at short notice.

The beneficiary countries are mainly ACP (Africa-Caribbean-Pacific) countries but also the countries of the ENPI (European Neighborhood policy), ALA (Asia and Latin America) countries, candidates and potential candidates to join the European Union.