Final Evaluation of the Project ‘Support to the Implementation of the Gambia – EU Cooperation’ in the Gambia

The overall objective of the “Support to the implementation of The Gambia – EU Cooperation” was to contribute to the effective implementation of the Gambia’s Development Strategy, and ultimately to contribute to alleviate poverty, through the successful implementation of EU funded programmes and projects. The project purpose was to facilitate and support, in all phases of the cycle of operations, the effective design and implementation of the actions funded by the EDF and other EU funds, together with improved awareness among key actors in The Gambia of development and trade related issues and of EU policies in these areas. The main objectives of the evaluation were to provide an overall independent assessment of the past performance of the programme intervention, paying particular attention to the results of the programme against its objectives; and to prepare key lessons and recommendations on the future nature, task and size of support to the National Authorising Officer. The evaluation has been structured around a set of evaluation questions, responding to the five DAC evaluation criteria and two EU specific evaluation criteria (EU added value and coherence).

Project Details
Country GAMBIA
Start date 18.04.2017
End date 31.08.2017
Client EC
Sub-sector Support to NAO
Ref. ADE A505-187