Support to Non State Actors in Papua New Guinea: Final Evaluation

The Financing Agreement “Support to Non State Actors in Papua New Guinea“-No.9635/PNG, signed on the 12th of March 2007 by the EC and the 7th of May 2007 by the PNG government had the overall objective to enhance the role of Civil Society in the development process and to increase the dialogue with government at all levels in PNG. The purpose of the Programme was to strengthen the role of Non-State Actors (NSAs) in promoting the demand for and delivery of good governance and the improvement of service delivery. The amount allocated under the FA was Euros 5 millions. An addendum to the FA increasing the amount dedicated by Euros 462,000 (in order to reinforce the Technical assistance and to launch 4 studies required before the design of the 10th EDF programme) was signed in 2010. The D+3 (final date for individual commitments) of the FA has expired on the 11th July 2010 after receiving a derogation for postponing the D+3 by 4 months (initially on the 11th March 2010). The end date of implementation of the FA was the 31st December 2011. The expected results of the programme were as follows: • Result 1: Operational environment and capacity of NSA to engage in national and policy dialogue strengthened. • Result 2: Community based actions and projects are effectively designed and delivered and are coherent with/ strengthen District/LLG Ward Level planning process • Result 3: Efficient and effective management of NSASP by PMU The targeted group wass the Non State Actors in PNG. The evaluation, which had been foreseen in the Technical and Administrative Provisions of the project’s Financing Agreement, had as global objective 'to assess the overall performance of the project implementation, advise the Government of Papua New Guinea, the Delegation of the European in PNG and other stakeholders of the strengths and weaknesses and make subsequent recommendations applicable for the next 10th EDF project. The specific objective of the evaluation was to provide information to: • Make an overall independent assessment about the past performance of the project/ programme, paying special attention to the impact of the project actions against its objectives; • Identify key lessons and to propose practical recommendations for follow-up actions within the design of the following project.

Project Details
Start date 24.10.2011
End date 18.01.2012
Client EC Delegation
Sub-sector NSA, NGO & social sector
Ref. ADE A425-261