Preparation of an Institutional Twinning Project/Technical Assistance in support of the Egyptian Organisation for Standards

The EU / Egypt Association Agreement (AA), applied since in 2004, provides a framework to supporting Egypt’s economic reform efforts. As a part of its endeavors for the implementation of the EU / Egypt Action plan, Egypt has embarked on a five-year initiative for the upgrading of its quality infrastructure in four main areas: standardisation, testing, conformity assessment and certification, and market surveillance. The alignment of policies in those four areas is necessary to contribute to a strengthened Quality Infrastructure and to ensure the streamlining of the activities undertaken by the Egyptian competent authorities in those areas. The instrument of Institutional twinning has been given a particular importance as it is perceived to be an efficient and appropriate vehicle for achieving relevant institutional and legislative reform. The global objective was to support the Egyptian Organisation for Standardisation and Quality (EOS): in the alignment of quality infrastructure to EU's regulations and best practices; (2) and in the preparation of the negotiations of an Agreement on Conformity Assessment and Acceptance (ACAA) in view of EOS' role in these negotiations.

Project Details
Country EGYPT
Start date 7.05.2013
End date 31.01.2014
Client EC Delegation
Sub-sector Standards & Regulatory aspects
Ref. ADE A423-239